Opposing team coaches go at it!

Des Moines Magicians Victory Against Gazelles

Amateur sport team the Des Moines Magicians won a lacrosse victory against the Gazelles. The team’s hard work and dedication throughout the season paid off.

The Magicians are known for their speed and agility, both of which are extremely important when playing lacrosse. The Magicians’ goalie showed expert skill in defending the team’s goal, as the Gazelles were only able to make an average of one goal per quarter. Defensemen for the Magician’s were able to sense the strategies of the opposing team and could anticipate many of the Gazelles’ plays with finesse.

Even though the Gazelles tried many times to get the ball out of the Magicians’ stick, even by using physical force, this tactic continually failed. Magician team members cradled the ball expertly. It was clear that the Des Moines team had been practicing cradling the ball and had the tactic down a science by the time they played the Gazelles.

The middle for the Magicians was also prepared for the abundance of outside shooting that occurred during the game. The middle for the youth sport team played as though he was completely aware that any missteps on his part would cause the defense to rethink and re-execute their entire strategy. This is another key component that helped the Magicians secure their victory was the team’s ability to get past the defenseman by using a variety of dodging techniques. The team’s keen eye for open spaces to shoot the ball into the goal was remarkable. The Magicians used the face dodge and split dodge moves were instrumental in helping them win the game by a landslide.

The Des Moines Magicians also made it very clear during the game that handling the lacrossse stick and ball were essential parts of their pre-game practice. Players brought the ball in slowly before hitting with with precision and force in the desired direction. Scoping out the true location of the ball and facing the passer when hitting the ball helped the Magicians make goals with nearly every hit.

“We’re extremely proud of our teamwork,” one Magician noted. “We’ve been working really hard this season, and that was obvious during our game. We hope to be just as successful next season.” Pride for the Des Moines Magicians was apparent, as friends, parents and family members flooded the team with hugs, cheers and admiration immediately following the game.

The youth lacrosse team is continuing to hone their skills to achieve more victories in the coming season.