Lacrosse: What It Is And How To Play It

Lacrosse is a field game, like football or basketball, which began within the Iroquois nation of Native Americans and involves the use of a small rubber ball and a specialized stick known as a crosse, although protective gear is usually just as important. In a similar method as being restricted to the use of legs in the sport of soccer, only the crosse is valid for any sort of maneuver, be it holding, catching, or hurling the ball. However, bodily contact is perfect accepted within the sport, usually as a means of “negotiating” a switch in control of the ball or hampering a potential point. Points are scored by successfully throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Like most field sports, a lacrosse field consists of four zones: attack, defense, goalie, and midfield. The standard field lacrosse play utilizes 10 players, breaking down from there into three on each non-goalie position. The crosse of an attacker or midfielder, known as a short crosse, is no more than 42 inches in total length, while the crosse of a goalie or defender is known as a long crosse, no more than 6 feet in total length. A proper lacrosse field is 100 m x 55 m, with goals being 5.5 m in diameter. Each quarter and goal scored triggers a face-off, where two players scrap for the ball, hoping to flick it to one of the players on his side of the field. Notably, neither attacks nor defenders can cross the midfield line until a midfielder has acquired control of the ball.

Although the sport of lacrosse has a uniform name, there are actually four separate forms of its play:

• Men’s field lacrosse
• Women’s lacrosse
• Intercrosse
• Box lacrosse, also known as boxla

The last two items differ from the standard form of play as follows; intercrosse is a non-contact version of the sport that is mildly popular in Europe, while box lacrosse is simply an indoors version of the sport popular in the United States.

The amount of variation with this sport, coupled with the opportunity for lots of physical activity, means that there are more than enough options for a person to not only get a good workout and maybe even make some new friends on the field.