Coach will traverse anything to make it to practice

New Coach Brings Magic to the Lacrosse Team

Today the Des Moines Magicians are excited to welcome Ted Overfelt as our new coach for the high school lacrosse team. Coach Overfelt comes to us after six successful seasons of heading the lacrosse team for the Mallards, where they made the playoffs a respectable five out of six seasons. In 2013, he was recognized as Coach of the Year for his dedication to the youth sport.

Coach Overfelt’s love for the amateur sport began in junior high school and continued on through all four years of high school. His dedication to lacrosse paid off when he was appointed as the team captain for his junior and senior years. His appreciation for good sportsmanship earned him a special award of recognition in his senior year of high school. During the summers as a junior and senior, he also volunteered at a lacrosse camp as a junior camp counselor.

After high school, he attended Michigan State University and received a Bachelor degree in kinesiology in 2002. His major provided him with a specialization in coaching while his minor was in educational studies. He also played on the Michigan State University Men’s Lacrosse Team. In his final year at MSU, he participated in the development and implementation of a lacrosse program for low-income junior high and high school students in the Detroit area.

While Coach Overfelt headed the Mallards, he was responsible for the organization of all lacrosse events and off-season programs, activities and workouts. Prior to coaching the Mallards, he spent four years as varsity assistant coach for North Point High School in Indianapolis.

With our team, Coach Overfelt will provide instruction on physical training and different lacrosse strategies that will keep our sights on successful playing. He will work with the fundamental skills we already have and build on them. As Des Moines Magicians, we will show our new coach what we have learned about values, individual accountability, working together and supporting each other.

Now that Coach Overfelt is heading the Des Moines Magicians, we are ready to benefit from his past lacrosse experiences, education and love for the sport. We were undefeated last season and have every intention of continuing to work hard towards making the playoffs yet again. We are also excited for the new lacrosse workout programs Coach Overfelt is bringing to our high school and want to see what else he can teach us about lacrosse, integrity and team loyalty.