When the Native Americans first invented Lacrosse over 600 years ago they knew they were on to something special, and so do we! The Des Moines Magicians is a lacrosse team that helps it players to develop not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  Our lacrosse team recognizes the opportunity to develop outstanding athletes with respect for both our teammates and our opponents. We believe that everyone who is interested should have a chance to play, and have the opportunity to showcase their own athletic talents.  We believe that a person who engages in our lacrosse team will learn lessons that will take them far beyond the lacrosse playing field; lessons that will instill confidence and help them to become not just a better athlete, but a better person.

The Des Moines Magicians will hold training sessions throughout the year that will help to improve their lacrosse game fundamentals and also help in areas that need improvement. Our goal is to make each and every player the best they can be, while also having fun in the process! When tournament season starts practice times will increase so we make sure that each player has the opportunity to shine.  Lacrosse team members will be taught by our coaching staff, as well as by team members who know the game well and can help their fellow players maximize their individual strengths.

Lacrosse is a game that is played at the highest levels of sport and can carry an athlete into the major leagues as well as internationally.  Many colleges offer lacrosse scholarships for athletes who show promise, both for women’s and men’s divisions. Developing an interest in and becoming proficient at lacrosse can help to ensure a college education and possibly create a career for someone who really loves the game. Lacrosse teams are sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and most major universities across the United States have a lacrosse team.

The Des Moines Magicians welcomes anyone who is interested to sign up and join our team! We are looking for teammates who are as excited as we are about the future of lacrosse here in Des Moines. The Des Moines Magicians have the opportunity to develop an outstanding team in what is one of the fastest growing sports in America today.  Bring your love of athletics and try lacrosse; someday you may find yourself accepting an Olympic medal!