Lacrosse: What It Is And How To Play It

Lacrosse is a field game, like football or basketball, which began within the Iroquois nation of Native Americans and involves the use of a small rubber ball and a specialized stick known as a crosse, although protective gear is usually just as important. In a similar method as being restricted to the use of legs […]

What is Victory?

How are we comparing?

Playing on a top lacrosse team is something that I have always taken a lot of personal pride in. Whether you love lacrosse or you hardly even know what the game entails, it is a universal phenomenon when people come together for the accomplishment of a single goal. The teamwork and dedication that goes into […]

Des Moines Magicians Victory Against Gazelles

Opposing team coaches go at it!

Amateur sport team the Des Moines Magicians won a lacrosse victory against the Gazelles. The team’s hard work and dedication throughout the season paid off. The Magicians are known for their speed and agility, both of which are extremely important when playing lacrosse. The Magicians’ goalie showed expert skill in defending the team’s goal, as […]

New Coach Brings Magic to the Lacrosse Team

Coach will traverse anything to make it to practice

Today the Des Moines Magicians are excited to welcome Ted Overfelt as our new coach for the high school lacrosse team. Coach Overfelt comes to us after six successful seasons of heading the lacrosse team for the Mallards, where they made the playoffs a respectable five out of six seasons. In 2013, he was recognized […]